Tips for using the Auto Brew Ratio on your Linea PB ABR

La Marzocco is known for its leading technology in espresso, with no better example than their Auto Brew Ratio (ABR) which hit the market after what was almost a decade of perfecting.  

The ABR scales are integrated into the Linea PB drip trays which results in the machine being capable of tracking espresso shots by weight. Additionally, the machine can track the amount of ground coffee in the portafilter and adjust the output for each shot. Truly a barista’s dream.

In order to help every ABR user reach this level of consistency, we put together some tips for using the Linea PB ABR so your machine can be optimized with every shot.


Our tips for using your Linea PB ABR:

Wait for the tare!

When placing your cup on the trip tray, it takes 3 seconds for scales to tare to zero although this is adjustable. Please do not do anything immediately after the tare as your machine is taking a data reading and will think it's an actual coffee. Every movement after pressing the button will be recorded.

La Marzocco Linea PB ABR

It’s more accurate than you think

The Auto Brew Ratio of Linea PB is excitingly accurate. The variance of the shot when using ABR is only 0.3 g! This is an impressive number when we realize that we’re referring to a measurement of the coffee that is still actually 'in the air'. Amount of drips vary based on roast level, coffee age, water quality and even climate.


It can adjust to your needs

The La Marzocco R&D team has been focused on integrated scales platform that are able to withstand the rigors of real café use, with the reliability, durability, and precision that La Marzocco customers expect.

As such, you can preset your machine to work differently, for instance your 1st group like a semi-automatic, 2nd as a volumetric, 3rd for wet mass and 4th with brew ratio - all are independent!

Each group has 4 different parameters that are able to be preset. And for even further customization, your hot water could even be programmed with 2 different amounts.


The La Marzocco Auto Brew Ratio technology is impressive to say the least. With these features you won’t feel like brewing coffee is guessing. Let your Linea PB consistently deliver great tasting espresso that doesn't slow your baristas down by correcting the dose each time.

For any further questions on Auto Brew Ratio or La Marzocco technology get in touch or leave a comment below!