Stealth believes in offering the best of automatic espresso equipment and partners with Eversys to deliver 'espresso with a touch'. 


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The Vision of Eversys is to develop an integrated vertical product offering, a compelling value proposition that promotes super-automatic espresso solutions to the level of traditional equipment, without compromise to quality yet with all of the benefits of electronic intelligence.

At Eversys, we major in creating the ‘true espresso with a touch’, the optimisation of extraction through a reverse gravity process, making the most of the bean. From the basis of that syrupy essence, we can create leading edge concoctions, in line with barista criteria of taste and texture.


Short of being able to place a physical ‘Barista’ inside the machines, Eversys has dissected all of the key movements and functions associated to the making of leading edge products and assimilated them into an intelligent electronic interface.
— Eversys

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