Modbar, undercounter perfection

Modbar is a revolutionary coffee brewing experience. Stealth admires the science, technology and innovation behind Modbar and is proud to be an authorized distributor for Modbar Canada wide.  

Designed to be completely modular with all major hardware under-counter beautiful ‘taps’ deliver an unrivaled customer experience on espresso, steam, and drip coffee.


quick facts

  • Espresso, steam and pourover
  • Elegant and durable
  • Unrivaled customer experience
  • Improved workflow patterns
  • Barista-friendly, ergonomic features


Modbar experience



Elevated customer experience

“Of course Modbar delivers an exceptional product, but the elevated customer experience is what sets it apart. I enjoy working with the Stealth team to bring the Modbar experience to cafes in British Colombia."

— Will Frith, Modbar

Geek-friendly features!

“Modbar is a striking, modular series of espresso groups, pour-over taps, and steam arms … with the promise of greater temperature control, a cut in prep time, and even geek-friendly features like touchscreen operation and support for temperature monitoring in Kelvin.” 


Sexy and minimalist

"The high-tech modular espresso machine that camouflages its mechanical complexity underneath a cafe counter, leaving only a sexy minimalist spout between a barista and customer."




What sets Modbar apart



Customer Engagement

With the box off of the counter, production baristas and guests have more opportunity for engagement and interaction. Modbar also puts the drink construction process in front of the customer, opening up the possibility for deeper engagement and appreciation.


Aesthetics & Clear Countertop

Beautiful, minimalist design. Allows for more creativity in bar design while encouraging a clutter free visual field.



Allows for creativity in bar design and work flow creation, so operator can design their ideal work space.



Fully programmable via touch screen interface, espresso can be tweaked quickly - pressures, pressure profiles, volumetrics and temperature. Pour over can be programmed to replicate the user's preferred pulse and timing, set temperatures and spray head patterns. Profiles can be stored and transferred to other units quickly and easily.



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